Huawei Honor 6X Review: The Dual Camera Beast?

huawei honor 6x review

Does the Huawei Honor 6X live up to the hype that Huawei is making it out to be? Today we will be diving deep down into the Honor 6X, reviewing it and finally figuring out if this mid-ranger from Huawei is worth the money. It’s known now that the company is on a roll with their mid-range Honor brand. They are launching phone after phone for the Honor series and what’s to be noted is that the devices are getting better and better with each iteration.

The recent addition to the family is the Honor 6X, though it may share some similarities with its predecessor but the design and hardware get an overhaul. A much needed one. But is that enough to make this device a worthy competitor in the ever growing mid-range smartphone market? Let’s find out.


The composite metal design sticks on like the previous one but what it means is that much of the design does feature metal elements, it is not a full unibody metal construction. The back plate is made of metal with a little bit of plastic on the top and bottom which house the antennas.

honor 6x

You will also find that the metal now wraps around to the front but it is again accompanied by a plastic frame which goes all the way around to the outer edges of the glass. Granted it may not feel as premium as its all metal counter-parts but still the build is sturdy and up to par.

Considering the low price point there’s very little to complain about the design and build of the phone, after all you are getting what you are paying for.

Although the design of the 6X is inherited from its predecessors, this time around the device features a curvy design with the edge tapering around the edges which allows for a comfortable in-hand experience.

The only gripe I had with the design was that the buttons were a bit mushy and did not offer a tactile experience. In other words, they were not clicky enough to my liking. But it is a matter of preference. On the left side of the phone, you will find the volume rocker and the power button while the headphone jack is placed at the top. The bottom of the device has the charging port which is flanked by grills, one is for the speaker and the other one is for the microphone.

huawei honor 6x

Last but not the least, you will find the sim card slot and the microSD card slot along with the finger print sensor which sits at the back just below the camera. This just sums up the design side of the device. It is a pretty run of mill design, nothing special about it but the overall build is much satisfying.


On the front you will find a good 5.5 inch LCD display with a nice 1080p resolution. The display is pretty good overall, it is sharp and bright, and you will not have any trouble with outdoor viewing. Then it comes down to preference, I found the colors to be a little washed out but again it is just something you will have to see for yourself. It gets the job done nicely.

The large display allows for a great viewing experience be it watching videos, playing games or just browsing the web. Considering the price of the unit, I would rank it fairly high.


Inside, the Huawei Honor 6X comes with Huawei’s own Kirin 655 mid-range processor backed with a high powered 3GB of RAM. It is a significant improvement over the last iteration and there is a visible difference in the performance.

For a budget mid-range smartphone the everyday user experience is fluid and smooth. It is responsive with almost no lag and it can even handle graphic intensive games with little issue. The performance is clearly the plus point in this years version of the device.

The Honor 6X comes with a dual sim card slot hybrid which basically means that you can choose between dual sim cards or expandable storage.

huawei 6x

The single speaker unit at the bottom did disappoint me a bit as in it is a little quieter than most other smartphones featuring a single speaker but again I would say that it depends solely on your preference and your hearing capabilities. It is also important to note that with every other bottom firing speaker, your hand can muffle the sound. So you should keep this in mind.

Another thing you might miss is the NFC, which means if you are someone who is used to tap to transfer or are used to using mobile payment systems you are pretty much out of luck. I think this will be a feature that will be missed but it surely is not a deal breaker.

The fingerprint scanner is probably the biggest plus in the hardware side. It has become a norm with almost all new devices that have come out feature a fingerprint scanner. Housed below the camera unit, the scanner is pretty fast and accurate. It rarely misses to read your fingerprint which is all that really matters. I will even go on to say that it is on par with most high-end devices nowadays.

On top of just unlocking the device, you can use the scanner for a range of other functions. From capturing photos and videos to answering phone calls to browse through the gallery by swiping left and right. These are all unique functions and are really useful to have. These small bells and whistles make devices stand out from the rest, and make the large 5.5 inch phone a bit easier to use with one hand.

Another great plus point of the Honor 6X is the battery life. It sports a 3340 mAH battery which can really last you fairly long. Long enough to cater to most users. Huawei claims that you can even get up to 2 days with moderate usage but I was able to get around 1.5 days with playing some games and watching YouTube videos. In my books that is a really good battery. Most of this can be attributed to the Kirin processor. You can easily end your day with still having around a 50% charge and believe me it is quite a nice feeling.

6x huawei


Now let’s come to the thing that you have been waiting for, the camera. As mentioned the Huawei Honor 6X comes with a dual camera setup. But what is impressive about it is that at this price point, the dual camera is a big deal. In fact it is the first one of its kind at this price point.

The 6X has a 12 MP primary shooter with a 2 MP secondary one which is purely used to capture depth information. Which will be used when using the camera’s wide aperture mode. The wide aperture lets you control the aperture from f/16 to as down to f/0.95 which can allow you to have a large bokeh effect. Although it is not a pure aperture change, the bokeh effect is much convincing.

The overall camera experience was quite impressive, the shooter is fast to capture and fast to focus. The photos also turn out to be very pleasant. The color reproduction is excellent, the photos are detailed and the camera does a great job with highlights and shadows which was certainly not expected with a device at this price.

The camera performs nicely in low light conditions with everything in check e.g. highlights and the color reproduction but when the lighting conditions are really poor that is where the camera breaks down. Which is expected as with most budget phone cameras.

Huawei have really checked all the important boxes in this years iteration and have come out with a fairly competitive device which is sure to give a tough time at this price range. With a great build quality, a fast fingerprint scanner, a smooth and responsive user experience, an up to the par camera and all this coupled with Android 6.0 marshmallow (expected update to 7.0 nougat) with an Emotion UI skin on top. All of this comes in a great price package which is really hard to miss out on.

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