Nokia 6 Review: The Legend Returns

The moment we have all been waiting for has finally arrived! Nokia has made a wonderful comeback. Thanks to the Finnish startup HMD signing a 10 year deal to use the Nokia name on smartphones and tablets. The Nokia 6 is certainly the top offering in the initial round of devices.

Today we are going to be reviewing the Nokia 6 which was launched at MWC 2017 with a preference on premium build, affordable price range and a useful UI.

All in all the phone sports a 5.5 inch Full HD display, a Snapdragon 430 chip, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of internal, a 16MP shooter and a 8MP selfie camera among other things.

The phone is likely to hit the markets around May 2017 and its projected price is going to be around $250. Looking at the spec sheet, if Nokia delivers what it promises than it is going to be one hell of a competitor in the affordable market.
hands on review nokia 6

Not just this but if you are feeling a bit more artistic than you can pick up the sibling to the Nokia 6, the Nokia 6 Arte Black Special Edition. Which comes with a shiny glossy black rear, 4GB RAM compared to 3GB, 64GB of internal storage but you will of course have to pay a little more. The special edition will retail around $315.

Fans will have to hold on to their pants as the device is likely to roll out globally during Q2 of this year.


The device is constructed from a single block of aluminum, which automatically results in a much more premium looking and sturdy phone. What we mean to say is that it feels far more premium than its budget price tag, and that is certainly a good thing.

The phone handles and feels really nice as there is some heft to it, which is always nice. It should feel like you have something in your hand, although it depends on personal preference. The dimensions of the phone are 154 x 75.8 x 7.85mm but even then it fits perfectly in my hand and it’s very easy to use.

However I had a tiny gripe with it. I found that the flat sides of the device aren’t as comfortable like the rounded edges of the Nokia 5 and Nokia 3. If you hold the device in a single hand for an extended period of time, you are likely to feel the effect of it.

Nokia 6, the standard version, will come out with 4 colors which include silver, copper, matte black and tempered blue. And as stated above you can also get it in the shiny glossy piano black if you go for the Arte Black Special Edition.

I don’t really have any big problems with the shape of the device only if the corners were a bit more rounded this would have turned out to be perfect. The power button and volume keys are located on the right side of the phone which are really placed ideally. Nokia has also included a standard 3.5mm jack up on top while the microUSB port sits next to a single speaker on the bottom.

nokia 6

What is really nice to see is the inclusion of a finger print scanner considering the price of the handset. The scanner is located on the front and doubles as the home key. On both sides of the home button, are capacitive touch buttons for back and multi-tasking.

Screen and Performance

The Nokia 6 rocks a brilliant 5.5 inch Full HD display which is bright, vivid and clear. It is far more than enough for a device that you can purchase at around $250.

It is sharp and the color reproduction is on par and it means that video playback and gaming on this large screen will look absolutely beautiful. The screen is one of the most important aspects of a smartphone, and Nokia has done it absolutely right this time.

Although not great as some of the higher priced devices, it will certainly give a really tough time to devices in this bracket.

Moving on to the performance side first of all lets take a look at the Android experience. And it is safe to say that it will be one heck of an experience. As the device runs on Android 7 Nougat without any skin or pre-installed bloatware. This is how it should be always. The skins sometimes look nice but nothing can beat the pure Android experience.

Nokia has done a great job by sticking to the stock Android interface, and it is a choice that I am very happy with.

nokia 6 hands on

Under the hood, the device comes with a Snapdragon 430 processor along with 3GB of RAM, which provides more than enough fuel for general everyday purpose.

Granted the chipset may struggle with heavy usage as it is entry-level but still nothing can be said without using it yourself and checking if it fits your usage needs.

Fortunately there is also a microSD card slot if the internal 32GB of storage runs out for you, so that is a nice addition. And it can support cards of up to 128GB which will certainly be more than enough for all users.

Battery and Camera

Let’s dive in furthermore and take a look at the battery and camera performance of the Nokia 6.

The device comes with a non-removable 3000mAH battery which will last you close to a day with moderate usage. But again as I always the battery is something that you yourself have to test as it totally depends on the style of usage.

The back of the device houses a 16MP camera which protudes from the back just a little bit. It offers HDR and a dual tone flash.

The camera overall is up to par as the lumia series had pretty impressive cameras so we should expect the Nokia 6 to perform equally well. Even though the Nokia 6 unit we got our hands on was not running the full stable software, the camera produced impressive shots. The sharpness was good, the colors popped and night shots were decent as well. This is more than enough for a device priced so low.

review nokia 6

The 8MP selfie camera on the front is also very good. It does what its supposed to and produces some great selfies when you need them. All in all I was fairly satisfied with the camera department and for that matter the whole device.

Final Thoughts

There is really not much to complain with this. The Nokia 6 is built well, is sturdy and provides some great hardware which includes a whopping 3GB of RAM and a 32GB internal storage. To top it all off you are getting a pure stock Android 7 experience in a budget price tag. I can’t see how much better you can get than this.

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