Poppy Turns Your iPhone Into a 3D Camera


The 3D era is upon us and it will only get better and better in the future. First we saw the birth of 3D pictures, then movies, even 3D printing and now we are living in the age of 3D camera phones.

Poppy is a device, more like an accessory designed for the iPhone which will enable you to capture not only 3D photos but even videos. Yes that’s true, and the biggest surprise of all was that the device contains no electronics, no batteries etc. All the magic is done by a bunch of lenses and mirrors, similar to old-timey view finders.

Not only that but the user can watch any side-by-side 3D content by looking in the view finder of Poppy. That means you can easily watch 3D content on YouTube, how exciting. Although  it is somewhat big like a binocular it’s one heck of a device and fun to play around with.

The device includes a slot for your iPhone, it has cutouts underneath so you can easily access the screen while the iPhone is in 3D mode. The volume buttons are also exposed so you don’t  have to worry about anything.

You can secure a unit on KickStarter for as little as $49. To learn more about Poppy go here.

I think once it’s fully launched it will probably sell a lot because it’s useful and it doesn’t require any power, you can take it with you anywhere. Above all you can even watch 3D content on your computer and TV.

Images courtesy of Poppy

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